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Top 3 Male Enhancement Supplements for 2014

Top 3 Male Enhancement Supplements for 2014

Past few years have seen a huge increase in the demand for male enhancement pills and supplements. Given the increasing demand, more and more manufacturers are launching new products. Plenty of supply can sometimes lead to confusions among buyers. With most of the products are being endorsed as the top product, you can easily get confused when choosing one. In order to clear up all confusion, read on to find out about the top 3 leading male enhancement pills for 2014. You can read review of these supplements on top websites like

Top 3 Men’s Sexual Enhancement Pills For 2014

Here are 3 male enhancement pills that stand-out in the crowd of similar products. The rating has been done on the basis of important parameters, such as, ingredients, overall success rate, and side effects.

longinexxLonginexx: While most male enhancement pills of 2014 depend mainly on natural ingredients, this particular brand creates a formula known as “vasobolic”. This includes both natural and pharmaceutical level ingredients. Hence, it does not simply rely on natural ingredients. Yet, it manages to retain its category of being a supplement i.e. one does not need a medical prescription to buy these pills. Some of its key ingredients include L-Arginine AKG, Piper Longum, ButeaSuperba, CnidiumMonnier, EurycomeLongifolia, TribulusTerrestris, DHEA Cypionate, DHEA Decanoate and DHEA Acetate. The company however claims that it has used the Rapid Expansion Technology. It is said to release certain compounds in a certain bell-curved pattern, which allows expansion of the male organ. There are a host of testimonials on the official website where the product has been reviewed positively.

VigRX-plusVigRx Plus: This one too is a very well-known brand in its field. It has a existed as a premium brand since 2001 and is one of the top 3 leading male enhancement pills for 2014. Dr Steven Lamm has spoken of the benefits of this product as a guest speaker at the hit television show, “The View” on ABC network in 2014. This product has hence been endorsed by a doctor. This speaks volumes about the effectivity of the product and the brand’s confidence in its products. This confidence may be directly related to its well established formula of ingredients. Some of the active ingredients of this product include Gingko Biloba, Damiana, EpimediumSagittatum, Hawthorn Berry, Catuaba Bark and Bioperine, a new ingredient added in 2014. Bioperine is said to help absorb the nutrients and benefits of the other ingredients in the product faster. This means that this product works now more efficiently.

sxenzytzEnzyte: This male enhancement pill makes it to the top list with the help of its powerful natural ingredients that provide benefit to the organ. Korean Red Ginseng enhances erections and is a natural aphrodisiac, which works by enhancing blood flow. Gingko Biloba does the same. Sexual function is enhanced with the help of horny goat weed. Grape seed extracts are natural anti-oxidants that benefit overall health. Niacin helps overall cardio-vascular activity in the body and MuiraPuama is a well-known natural aphrodisiac too. Zinc is said to help to enhance intensity of ejaculation and sperm count.

These products should be able to give you an idea of what to expect from a good male enhancement pill. You could also check out detailed and unbiased reviews of these products on

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